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Let me start off by saying I don’t know much about mods for vehicles, I’m not well versed in terminology or whatever. I was looking to improve the sound of my car primarily, I don’t really care about extra horsepower or whatever.

So I’ve been looking all over at different sites and videos on YouTube. I really like the sound of the Invidia Q300 Axle back exhaust. My vehicle is a lease so I don’t really want to cut stuff up. Either way, the problem that I’m having is that most sites don’t seem to have anything specific to my year model. They may claim they are but the exhaust tips don’t look like they’ll fit correctly (rounded instead of the angled shape).

I’m wondering if anyone here has any better ideas on what exhaust systems would work or if the ones I’m looking at are appropriate.

Invidia Q300 Axle-Back Exhaust System with Rolled Stainless Steel Tip for Lexus IS250/350 (they say it’ll work for 2014 and later but it doesn’t look like the tips are right.)

Thanks all!
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