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New to this forum, but I like what I'm seeing from all the posts so far. Helpful and insightful. Ok, on the my question...

I'm looking to upgrade my stock 17's on the AWD IS250. I'm aware that the staggered rim look is not recommended for the AWD system. What I'm wanting to know is the max size of rim I can go with and a recommended tire size that would produce no rubbing. I've called around to a couple of places and they've said that I'd be OK with 19x8.5 all around. Does anyone have experience in this area who'd be willing to lend a helpful hand? It'd be much appreciated.

I'm interested the MRR HR2's for my car. I think they'd look sick on my ride. Willing to take any recommendations on rims also!

Thanks in advance for all the helpful info!
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