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The <B>Automotive Lease Guide</B> has released its Depreciation Ratings and its Industry Brand Residual Value Awards - and Japan's brightest are topping the lists. Toyota dominated the Depreciation Ratings list, as it saw 12 of its cars from both Toyota and Lexus divisions awarded a survey-best five-star rating.

At first blush, this may sound like boring car-industry mumbo-jumbo, but, trust me, it's not. A number of us lease our vehicles, and this new one-to-five star rating system states, simply at a glance, not only which cars are worth leasing and which aren't, but provide useful information on relative depreciation for different makes and models.

So, how did Lexus do?
<UL><LI><B>IS300 - ****
<LB><LI>LS430 & LX470 - ***
<LB><LI>All other Lexus models - *****</B></UL>
For more information, click <A HREF="">here</A>.
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