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The Horsepower and Torque Conversion Calculator

One of the mild annoyances of breaking car news quickly is that, sometimes, the specifications are not given in North American-centric horsepower, lb/ft of torque, or miles per hour. Rather, you may find specs in metric horsepower (ps), kilowatts, torque figures in "Newton metres" (Nm) and, of course, kilometers per hour.

A Google search led me to this excellent, easy-to-use conversion calculator:

The Quarter Mile Acceleration Calculator

The ever-helpful Norcal IS300 has brought to our attention a VERY handy multi-function Quarter Mile Acceleration Calculator posted on the website. Here's the link:
Acceleration Calculators

Glossaries of Automotive Terms

Do you love to read about automobiles but are frequently frustrated by jargon and terms you don't really understand? Just what is understeer anyway? Can't distinguish between caster and a coaster? Or camber and Camembert? No need to be embarrassed any longer. There are a number of excellent Glossaries of Automotive Terms out there on the Internet.

From Car & Driver magazine:

A Dictionary of Automotive Terms located by my.IS member lextasyis300
Dictionary of Automotive Terms & Abbreviations

Audi Lexicon, from their U.S. website:

Valvetrain Technology Explained

Links to Automotive Calculators and Converters

Conversion between U.S. mpg, U.K. (Imperial) mpg and European l/100km Fuel Economy measurements
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