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Did you guys pick up your latest copy of Automobile magazine... There's a shoot out with the 330i, C320, and IS300. I just skimmed the article and saw at the the that the 330i won by a narrow margin.... The cover of the magazine reads "Audi Attacks" and gives a preview of the all new Audi A4 3.0 which does 0-60 in 6.9 seconds and hits 152mph (ofcourse a speed govenor will probably be used on production versions)....
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If it costs more than 40k I'd by the S4. I went for a test drive with a psycho audi-guru salesman who knew every last detail about quattro. This guy drives first and is showing of the car (A4 1.8T). We are zipping around. I was not too impressed with the engine but still fun. Then this guy goes nuts and starts showing me the limits of the quattro on curvey 35 mph side streets. We are going 85 mph. We stop and turn around and he shows me how the auto-shift will shift at red-line if you don't. We red-line 1st thru 3rd and half way thru 4th. All this on a quiet backstreet. I was just hoping a dog or kid didn't run into the road. I feel sorry for whoever buys that car.

I was really impressed with the quattro handling. I hate the old A4 styling, but kinda like what the look of the new car. Sounds like the new car might be a crowd pleaser.
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