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(This happened almost 2 weeks ago but I finally got to check times, etc.)

The person behind the wheel is more important than almost anything you can add to your car.

A couple of weekends ago, I ran into DerekB at an autocross at the Stick. He was driving his DSP car and I was in my DS SportCross.
Due to the nature of the track, Derek's car managed to cut the front tires during the first run. Derek asked if he could drive my car to finish. It was an easy Yes..but he had to give me some driving tips.

Derek has autox-ed a DS SportCross before but not recently. He knocked 4 seconds off my time the first lap and another few tenths the second. Derek's times were in DSP but would have been second in DS by a few tenths. He also had some great advice. I didn't get close to Derek's time but now I know that the car can be way more competitive with some tuning of the nut behind the wheel.

Partswise, I run Koni single adjustables (that I got from Derek) and Fox wheels with used Kumhos.
I have not installed aftermarket swaybars and I'm pretty happy with the handling.

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