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Like most automotive sites' future predictions (or like any human attempt at predicting the future, for that matter), <B><I>Auto Spies</I></B> has a less-than-perfect record. Nevertheless, their predictions for the launch schedules for upcoming Lexus models are interesting. We have taken the liberty of editing it for clarity, accuracy and strict chronological order.<UL>
<LI><B><I>December 2004:</I></B> <B>RX400h</B>
<LI><B><I>March-April 2005:</I></B> 3rd generation <B>GS 300/430</B>
<LI><B><I>November 2005:</I></B> 2nd generation <B>IS</B>
<LI><B><I>2007:</I></B> <B>2-door IS derivative(s)</B> (Closed coupe, soft-top convertible and/or retractable-hardtop convertible)
<LI><B><I>November 2007:</I></B> 4th generation <B>LS</B>. (This is the date for the Tokyo Auto Show. May well be named LS500, for an enlarged V8 engine)
<LI><B><I>2008:</I></B> 3rd generation <B>SC</B>. (Likely SC500, it is said to look like a larger, more elegant version of the recent LF-C concept)
<LI><B><I>2008:</I></B> <B>Sub-RX SUV</B> (Supposedly looks similar to the LF-X concept. Likely based on the 2nd generation IS platform, as a replacement for the IS SportCross)
<LI><B><I>2009:</I></B> 3rd generation <B>RX</B> (Expected to be larger than the current RX)</UL>
<B>IS300.NET Editorial Comment:</B> At last month's New York Auto Show's press conference for the LF-C concept, Lexus General Manager Denny Clements said that "following the launch of the new GS by about six months, will be the debut of the next-generation Lexus IS". <I>Auto Spies</I>, in the above listing, puts this spread at 7-8 months. Is Mr. Clements' "about six months" elastic enough so that it really means 7-8 months? How accurate are <I>Auto Spies'</I> dates? Time will tell...
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