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PN 409080-5009


A/R: 60

inlet OD: 3 inches

outlet OD: 2 inches

inducer diameter: about 1.7


A/R: .96

Inlet: T04

outlet: ID 2.75 inches

These have a fairly small compressor wheel, but you can have a larger compressor wheel installed (I believe up to a 60-1 trim) and have the compressor housing machined for the larger wheel. This is what a shop told me. With the 60-1 trim wheels, these are capable of 600 HP each. I was going to do a twin turbo for my is300 but I decided against it. I bought 2 now 1 of them is for sale.
$390 shipped FIRM
Its better than getting those $300 chinese turbos that break on you in a day!

The boxed turbo weights 17 pounds and the boxes are 9 X 9 X 11 and will be shipped from 61820. U of I represent!

PS...I am in college and its hard for me to get a ride to the post office. I will ship on the weekends because I am also busy on the weekdays. I will try my hardest to get it shipped asap. Once I ship it will be 2-3 days via priority mail most likely thanks!
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