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audio installation

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I just recently purchased my new IS and I love it, only I felt I needed a little more Bass so I purchased an amplified bass tube. I was wondering where to find the wires in the trunk to hook this up and where the amp in the car is? Thanks in advance..
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first thing...ain't no wires..unlike beemers..which is a pretty cool doesnt have the system pre wirted to the trunk...that is the reason for the 6 cd they wouldn't have to do what ur gonna have to do is re wirte everything yourself...don't have some dude at circuit city do it...they might scratch your car..i seen them in those garages..swinging them doors open and just throwing stuff around...
this issue has been discuss b4, do a search on hackerbenny.
hey nemisiss, u from milpitas.. crazy. i grew up there. i went to MHS, class of 97. a fellow milpitian. haha. great mall baby!!!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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