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Those are two completely different cars. I have the TT roadster which is strictly a two seater, but even in the coupe form the rear seats are virtually useless unless you're into picking up 7th grade girls.... Aside from the slight compromise in practicality it's a fantastic car. Especially in 225hp form, it's a lot of fun to drive and handles quite well (courtesy of the quattro system).. It also turns a lot of heads (a lot more than the E55 I have)...
I wouldn't lurk here in this forum if I didn't think the IS300 was a great car. It's been rated highly by several auto publications and recently toppled the sports sedan king (BMW 330i) in a Road & Track comparison. It's a sure-footed handler and there's enough room to seat 5.
They are both great cars, but two different cars with two different characters and intended for two different buyers..
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