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Attn: Webmaster

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Can I post some funny road signs I came across?
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Very Well said Hurricane..

If you guys don't like how this place is moderated then find another forum or build your own. Kudo's to TEG and Webmaster for building their own forum and running it as they see fit.

Anyways Goeff provides the comic relief (as long as it's not about oatmeal or some kind of disgruntled post). And Doug you have a sweet ride, (still waiting for pics of the trophy chic that comes with the car though). Easy it on the harsh words and we should all be kosher. Anytime poeple get way out of line...just expect to some moderation.

Problems with that? There's tons of other forums out there that have less moderation then this board.
Hey that's Bong recreation camp grounds by Kenosha Wisc. I used to go camping around lower Wisconsin a lot and always passed up this place.

We always got kicks outa those Bong signs.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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