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Can I post some funny road signs I came across?
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Originally posted by hurricane:
I think they do a fine job of moderating (this is a moderated forum afterall). I expect that 99% of the people who frequent this site agree (pls be vocal if you disagree with this assumption). People don't always agree with the moderators decisions, but the moderators are there for a purpose. If they pull something you posted, don't take it personal and get all pissy about it (i.e. no whining), get over it, take it up with the moderator to find out why, or move to a new forum. If the majority of the people think that the moderators are too harsh the forum will fail. I think some members (you know who you are) like to push the limits of the forum. There is nothing wrong with that, just expect to be censored occasionaly.
You're very diplomatic Hurricane..
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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