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TEG, or anyone,
I was wondering if you can give me some infos on how to install side blinkers on front fenders (particularly on the wiring)? U know..., the small blinkers... they're located at the front fenders, just like on the JDM and Europe spec ALTEZZA..... and the blinkers can be found at the BMWs also...
Thx all!


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I just installed relays so that my bumper lights would alternately blink with my turn signals. That way, I don't really need those quarter panel blinkers.

There should be a thread about it somewhere a while back if you want to do it my way.

Otherwise, I'd suggest going to a body shop, getting a hole cut for the light.

Usually, the side markers are a plastic piece. To remove them, you slide the side marker toward either the front or rear of the car. Then you pull. It comes out. To install one, you probably can just buy one of these side markers. Cut a square hole, and wire it with a relay to your turn signals.
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