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Attn: Guy/Gal from Santa Clarita, CA.

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Sorry I'm new to the boards here and yesterday I noticed a newbie like myself that was from my area, I jus wanted to say hi and if we see each other around town (since its not that big) we could say hi to one another. His or her name is something like TRDis300 or something like that, I can't find the post where I saw the name

If anyone else wants to read this post, I also wanted to say nice clean board and I love the IS300, can't wait for the 5 speed!!!!!

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Hey another SCVer in the house. I'm the grey with a wing and lowered on HR's.
Hey SooperLex, brake caliper paint can be found here via mail order at a somewhat reasonable price of about $29 I'm going to try to make it Saturday myself but my in-laws are moving and I'm expected to help, if we can get done early enough I'm there.
Hey MrIS3002U: I hear you met my roommate at Final Score the other day (Vic w/ the E-55 AMG Mercedes)?
Great place to eat. Best sandwiches in the SCV.
Yeah I talk to him over my medium sized turkey sandwich. He looked familar and the name sounds so too, did he go to Saugus High way back when?
Hicksville? Well, if building million dollar trac homes and 3/4 million dollar homes by a lake equal Hicksville then count me in! I always thought it was a nice place to live, safe for kids and families, away from the sheot of LA City. It might not have the night life of the city but at least you can walk around at night and feel safe. If we could just do something about Soladad Canyon Rd we'd be set!

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