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Attn: Guy/Gal from Santa Clarita, CA.

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Sorry I'm new to the boards here and yesterday I noticed a newbie like myself that was from my area, I jus wanted to say hi and if we see each other around town (since its not that big) we could say hi to one another. His or her name is something like TRDis300 or something like that, I can't find the post where I saw the name

If anyone else wants to read this post, I also wanted to say nice clean board and I love the IS300, can't wait for the 5 speed!!!!!

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Hey Unison8...another member from the good 'ol SCV. I think there are a couple of us out here. I know of one guy who lives in Saugus and I live near the Henry Mayo.

Where you at?
I have the stickers in graphite on my back quarter windows. I also have the TTE lip spoiler on as of today.
What does your car look like. What color is it. Not too many IS's out here in V-town.
Also were any of you guys at the Shinestreet meet last Saturday?
SooperLex, there are not good tuner stores out here in the good ol SCV.

Sorry, don't know where to get the paint either. Do a search on the topic. I know it has been discussed before.

Good luck.
Anyone going to the Club Lexus meet? I am planning on cruising down there.

Hey MrIS3002U: I hear you met my roommate at Final Score the other day (Vic w/ the E-55 AMG Mercedes)?
Great place to eat. Best sandwiches in the SCV.
I have not heard of any street races here in "Hicktown". More like Yuppy town if you ask me. I have lived here since the early 70's and this place has turned into a stroller pushing, water bottle carrying, Sport Ute driving yuppy town.
But hey, I live here and drive a Lexus. Haha. Who am I to speak.

Unison8 and LStyleIS must live in Canyon Country. Thats too bad. Get on Soledad and drive your ass over to Valencia. We have Million $ homes going up here.

MrIS3002U...No he went to Hart. So did I. If you grew up out here you probably saw him at some parties. Haha...funny.
I am craving a small ham & swiss w/ no onions right now.

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Well you can say this it is hicksville out here and there is that taste to the valley. After all this place was where Wm. S. Hart filmed and lived. Along with the high school mascots...Indians (Hart) and Cowboys (Canyon). Heck, back in the early 80's, Granary square was onion fields.

I still think it is a safe and desireable place to live. I can leave my windows open at night, and ride my bike w/o any problems. Our types of problems out here only occur on a limited basis in comparison to the valley or over the hill.
As far as your car will be kids. Unfortunately there are going to be punks anywhere.

Yes the night life sucks and the people are yuppyish, but the town is well kept, safe and still is a small town. Hey, I teach out here so I know and see all kinds of levels of people out here.

Just think, we all kinda gravitate to this topic based on the fact of where we live.

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