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Sittin at the dealership right now...workin on their internet connection. Pretty cool.
36 inch TV as the display too.

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Sitting at home, trying to reach the dealership. I got a letter today from dealer
asking me to fill out postcard about my one-month appointment, and did I get good service. I was highly tweaked last week when
I was standing outside the shop, and saw the
mechanic let the air out of all four tires.

I finally got the attention of another mechanic and told him to please tell the
weenie to set my tires on 36 pounds. My
mistake, of course, because it had been
36 pounds cold. The mechanic pumped my
hot tires back up to 36, and I'm still trying
to get them adjusted properly. Still .5 lb
on both left side tires.

Today, I pulled out the spare to check the
air pressure, and while I was doing that I
thought to check the oil, since I hadn't
looked at the dipstick since a week or so
before I took the car to the dealer.

I ran that dipstick into the crankcase 4-5
times, and every time it came back with the
oil showing almost 1/2-inch above the high
mark on the stick. Apparently the weenie in
the shop checked the oil (the car was hot when I got to the dealer, and it went into
the shop in just a short time), and thought
the oil was too low, so he put more in the
crankcase. Now the damn thing is way over
filled, and I'm going nuts about it. I'm
trying to reach the general manager, who
signed the feelgood letter.

Suggest you stop farting around with the
dealer's computer and bigscreen monitor, and
keep an eye on the druts in the shop. They
seem to be getting OJT on my car, and I'm
not at all happy about it.

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Went back to the dealer this morning and bitched about the amount of oil in the crankcase. Service Manager was very patient,
and almost convinced me I was reading the
dipstick wrong, but finally agreed that the
oil level might be high. I only wanted some
of the oil drained, but they put the car on
the hoist and drained the crankcase and
refilled to the top mark (or just slightly
below the top mark) on the dipstick. The
car has less than 900 miles on it, and I'm
feeling much better about not having the
crankcase overfilled. The Service Manager
gave me first class treatment, and actually
better than I had anticipated when I drove
in with wisps of steam escaping from both
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