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As my.IS anxiously awaits the arrival of the third generation of our favorite sports-luxury sedan, the Lexus IS, we've carried out a bit of tweaking and juggling of our forums which we believe will makes them better organized and easier to navigate.

First and foremost, the mélange of first and second generation Lexus IS General Discussion in a single sub-forum under the <A HREF="">Lexus IS heading</A> was the inadvertent result of miscommunication between yours truly and previous AutoForums administrators years ago. Adding the third generation into the mix threatened to make General Discussion a veritable Tower of Babel. Thus, we have reverted to our pattern of several years ago and made separate General Discussion sub-forums for <A HREF="">1st-Gen IS300</A> and <A HREF="">2nd-Gen IS250/IS350</A> under their respective <A HREF="">1st-Gen</A> and <A HREF="">2nd-Gen</A> Forums, of course. Getting there was the result of tedious manual moving of 2nd-Gen threads out from the combined General Discussion into a long-dormant and now publicly-revived 2nd-gen GD sub-forum, and our heartfelt thanks go out to the moderators who helped in this task, with a special shout-out to Senior Moderator jasonm4444 who carried out the bulk of these moves.

In addition, we noticed that it was somewhat nonsensical to have the IS-C and IS-F sub-forums under the catchall Lexus IS heading, so they have been moved under the 2nd-Gen IS250/IS350 forums as well. And, if the motivating factor for these overdue moves is the upcoming 3rd-generation Lexus IS, shouldn't it get <A HREF="">its own forum</A>? We certainly think so. For now, it only has <A HREF="">its own dedicated General Discussion sub-forum</A>, but be assured that, once the much-anticipated newcomer arrives and finds its way into anxious owners' hands, we will add our traditional Showroom, Go Fast Stuff, Go Faster, Stop, Drop and Roll, Wheels and Tires, Mobiletronics, IS-F and IS-C sub-forums to our 3rd-Gen IS250/IS350 Forums.

We certainly hope that these changes help further improve my.IS as the internet's best resource for all things Lexus IS.
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