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If you are on this list you are confrmed for the Area 51 Group Buy. IF YOU ARE NOT then follow the instructions at the bottom of this post. If you are on this list by mistake email me at [email protected]
Intake w/ Box

Justin K. Breitmaier
Alexandra Tsoutsas
Tom Nguyen
Sen Tran
Milos Rakic
Mike Hoang
Richard Kuo
Doug Underwood
Peter Lau
Kane E. Smith

Black Box Only

Kyle Rowan
Glenn Liao
Paul Lin
Kevin Kim

For conformation of getting into the group buy, please DO NOT Private Message me. EMAIL me. For those who have emailed me already read no further. If you PMed me, you need to EMAIL me to get in. [email protected] Here is what a sample email should look like:

Subject Line: Area 51 Group Buy name: YLW IS300

What you want: Intake w/ Black Box
Intake Only
Black Box Only

Email: [email protected]

Name: Justin K. Breitmaier
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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