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Are you guys Satisfied with Available Equipment?

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Are you guys content with the features/ameneties available on the IS300 or do you wish they could offer more. If you go to the "competitive comparisons" section at it seems that the IS300 is lacking in comparision to the BMW 330i and Audi A4 2.8 as far as features and available equipment... Or do you think those features are just gimmicks that you could easily live without...?
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I don't own my IS3 yet but hoping that sense of perspective will get me past some of the so called flaws of the car. Now i know that when purchasing a any car it's definitly a good idea to shop around and get the most crap with your purchase at the least possible price, but i think that when comparing or even looking back on your purchase everybody should keep some perspective. Otherwise you'll just end up loosing that love affair we all have with new cars, at least until they turn old.
For example:

One touch Up/Down on all four windows: The only thing i love about one touch drivers windows is that i can open and close the window while reducing the amount of time you take your hand off the wheel. And generally this feature can be annoying when all you want to do is open the window a crack. So ask yourself if your passengers who aren't driving need this feature.

Memory seats + lumbar: Some may enjoy this feature, but for me i don't need it. I don't even want power seats. What is the point in spending a grand on an option that allows you to move the seat easier, and at least for me not touch it ever again. I'm the only person driving my car so i don't care if i have power and memory seats.

Auto-dimming mirrors: From what i hear they don't really do anything. Although this is a feature i would enjoy if they worked at the level that their supposed to.

Basically my point is that many of these features are great and definitly add to the cars we buy, but when it comes down to the final point they are fairly trivial compared to all the features that you do get with such a car. I would have been more pissed if the IS300 didn't include the CD changer or HID lights as standard equipment. All i can say is that i hope nobody out there is letting the absence of some of these feature change the overall positive feel that you should have for a car like this.
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