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Are you guys Satisfied with Available Equipment?

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Are you guys content with the features/ameneties available on the IS300 or do you wish they could offer more. If you go to the "competitive comparisons" section at it seems that the IS300 is lacking in comparision to the BMW 330i and Audi A4 2.8 as far as features and available equipment... Or do you think those features are just gimmicks that you could easily live without...?
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Maybe this is a stupid suggestion, but here goes...It seems like some people want the TRAC off all the time. In a Supra, which has basically the same engine, there is a fuse. Pulling this fuse is called the TRAC mod, so u can go look at it on mkiv. It disables TRAC all the time, and the top speed limiter as well. If you wish to put it back, all you have to do is put the fuse back in. Also, turning off the TRAC w/ the ****pit (wait the forum censors that word - it says c-o-c-k-p-i-t) switch the TRAC can still come into play. I don't know how or why, but that is what I read. Of course, this applies to Supras, not the IS3 for sure. But since the engine is similar (if not the same) why doesn't someone look and check it out? Just a suggestion ppl...
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Originally posted by rarjoon:
Here's my WISHLIST!!!!

60/40 or 50/50 Split Rear Seats - to heck with the rigidity of the chassis I will purchase a rear shock tower brace.

Altezza styled Navigation System Please

Real Cupholders!!! (maybe like in the Saab Viggen!)

One Rocker Type switch for ALL Sunroof functions.

All window up/down lock switch so that you can control when you want to control them.

Remove that goofy "hump in the floor of the trunk!

Capatain's Chair type arm rests up front not the big fat one in the middle.

Adjustable lumbar supports and memory seats and steering (like LS)

Power outlet located under the dash instead of under the cupholder.

Paint that doesnt chip!

A little less plastic and a bit more leather and polished aluminum.

A stand alone fog light switch.

Maybe a few drivetrain options ie: 2.0 turbo 4cyl or 2.5 turbo 6cyl or 3.0 6cyl na or turbo. 5 or 6 speed MT or 5sp Auto w/o OD

Maybe even AWD?

Folding switchbade type Ignition key

Subwoofer included in Audio package. (maybe Nakamichi?)

Anyone wanna add to this Wishlist?

I think the hump in the trunk is due to the fact that the car is RWD. I think by nature RWD cars have humps in the car due to the driveline layout. So if you don't want that bump...I guess you gotta go get yourself a CL-S.

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