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Anyone with a Black is300?

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Can anyone post pictures of there black IS300 Inside and out please .. It would be deeply appreciated .. Thank's -G
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Originally posted by Shara:
Just go to, click on the IS, and it will show you everything you want to see about the interior and exterior of the car (including the black onyx).

Thank's but I was looking for someone who has a Black IS300 to post there own pictures of thier car ... anyone? But thank you.
Thank's .. YOUR CAR LOOKS GREAT! .. Thank's a lot .. I want a black on black also .. but I want the chrome wheels on it .. But yours WOW!
No, I was thinking of these crome wheels on the it .. see can't you picture a black on black IS300 with these Rims .. would look sweet!

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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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