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Hi there,

I was driving in the rain and understeered and went over a curb quite fast. Everyone’s okay but my cars alignment has seemed to be knocked out of wack and now I have to get it re aligned. I hit my front left wheel on the curb first and then the rest of the car followed over.

Car steers left now when the steering wheel dead straight and there is a little squeak coming from the front left when I go over bumps

While I was checking over the suspension this morning. In the having a look at anything, I saw something on the passenger side (I live in Australia so my car is RHD) which seemed to be broken but I couldn’t tell what it was. It seemed to be a censor of some sort which I couldn’t find on the drivers side of the car. I have some photos of it (posted below).

Automotive tire Rim Bicycle part Gas Automotive wheel system

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Auto part Gas Rim

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Bumper Rim

Hand Automotive tire Auto part Gas Bumper

if someone happens to know the part or like what could be the issue with it besides the alignment then it would be greatly appreciated. I’m taking it to the shop tomorrow to be looked at properly and realigned.

thanks in advance.

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Yep, there isn't one on the other side.

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