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Anyone in Columbus, OH?

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I have seen several IS300 in the area. Anyone in this forum? I drive a yellow.
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yea i live in columbus, i dont see many like 5 so far
If you guys are up for a drive, us here, the Cleveland IS owners, will be having a meet on the memorial day weekend. If intersted, there's a thread in the All Together forum.

In the other thread, you mentioned that Lexus of Columbus has two absolutely red with 18" wheels. If I am not mistaken, the car that you talk about does not have 18" wheel. And I don't think that IS comes up with 18 wheel. Am I wrong?

What color do you have?

I realize that you guys (Cleveland area) already met several times. It is really nice if I can drive up to Cleveland for a meet. Unfortunately, I can't, cause I will be at Vegas.
I try to make it up for the next meet.
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They have one in the show room, and yea i think ur right there 17", my bad. I onthave an IS yet, I drive a 98 4runner. I wanna get one, in about a year or so. I'm only 17

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wassup people??
glad to see a few other IS owners in the area. perhaps we could do a mini meet here in columbus??..just a thought..ttyl
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