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Anyone Have Factory Specs for Toe and Camber Settings?

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Right now my front wheels are Toe-in: +0.25 on both sides, Camber: 0

Rear Wheels: Toe: 0, Camber: -1.38 on both sides.

I feel that there is way too much negative Camber on my rear wheels. Does anyone have the specs? Do not want to pay dealer $160 for four wheel alignment and other folks do not have specs for '01 IS300 yet.

Side note, did not know our cars had it until vehicle was on a lift, however we have adjustments for Camber!!!

No Camber kits necessary! Thanks Everyone.

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Got the specs thanks devildogis300!!
Remember these are specs for a bone-stock IS300. So if you have made any mods to your vehicles' suspension or wheels, your settings will vary from the norm.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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