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Anyone gonna leave 17" in winter?

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I live NY, I orderd a black/black is, all options...etc I plan on using the 17" Rims all year round.
i have drivin a 91 mustang GT and a 87 IROC in the snow, & I cant see this care being any worse. Let me know
if this sounds crazy?!

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I have changed my summer tires to winter ones (Michelin XM+S 330) with stock 17" rims a couple of weeks ago, since we have started having heavy frost in the morning. Those summer tires tend to have really bad (or no) traction when road is cold. I plan not to drive my is300 when weather is sever (snow or icy), and to drive the winter car so that I can be relaxed in winter. Well, I am living in Buffalo, I actually need a snow mobile
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If and when it does snow here in the DC Metro area, I don't plan to take my IS 300 out of my driveway. RWD + 17" summer tires = disaster waiting to happen. I'll just have to get reaquainted with public transportation.
i know how nasty it would be with all the snow especailly with a RWD and 17" low profile tries.
I only driving it during the weekends with this car since i can take the public transportation for daily commutes to work. As you know, there aren't much snow in the city(they plow them quickly), i am sure you needed winter tires in LI, Buffalo and other heavy snow areas. good luck through the winter...
Gelgoog, how much did you pay?
I am staying with my 17 inch.
I got Dunlop Graspic HS-1 winter tires.
$716 total including mounting and balancing.
Looks real badass now.
I paid $135 + $10 (tire + mounting/balancing) for each tire; thus paid total $630 including sales tax. This is a dealer's package; the dealer stores my summer tires in their heated warehouse during winter. I beleive this Michelin XM+S 330 has been discontinued recently, and Arctic Pilot has succeeded it.

Since then, the winter tires are screaming on corners even with relatively slow speed. I am aware that the winter tires get excessive wear by running dry surface, but tires are always cheaper than body works; better to be precautionary.
Im leaving my 17in on during the winter. NY has had a couple of fluries already. BUt when the real snow comes, i'll just stay home or use another car.
My dealer claims that the Potenzas are All-Weather. I doubt this, but have not found any info on the RE040 (not even at the Bridgestone site). We have fairly mild winters here in KC (snows a couple of times) and I was thinking of leaving the 17's on. Can't decide. Might get a winter set. If I do, should I get 16's or 17's All-Season or Winter?
When and IF it snows in Seattle, I'm staying parked. (It's not me; it's the other idiots out there.) I own a condo and have no storage place for tires. It takes a little longer to get to work on the bus, but hey, the bus to work does stop at my driveway and the grocery store is only three blocks away.
Yep, I'm fortunate enough to own a very competent SUV (Supercharged Toyota 4Runner Limited). So the day it snows, I'll park my IS in the garage and switch to the 4Runner.

konig burner w/ Yokohama Guardex
Japanese car, japanese tires

can't afford a set of decent japanese rims though
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