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Anyone else have this problem...

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My wife pushed the lock button on the key on accident when she actually meant to push the unlock button. She then pushed the correct button (unlock) and the driver side door did unlocked but when she pressed it a second time to unlock the rest of the doors, they wouldn't unlock. We had to lock everything up via the lock button on the key and then the doors finally unlocked normally.
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just tried it right now
works prefectly
did this happen once? or did you try it again and got the same results?

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Actually happened a couple of times. Looks like I'm gonna take it in.
just make sure that you push the unlock button twice in rapid succession...if you let too much time elapse between pushes, it will not work, you will just keep unlocking the driver's door

i remember the manual said you have to press the unlock button a second time within 10 seconds or else it won't work, so it might be because you wait to long to push the unlock button again or because you press them too fast and the signals get read as one click, your car could be a lil off or maybe the controls off...anyhoo it should be an easy quick fix, unless they don't have the software set up to reprogram IS keyless entries...
Thanks for the tips guys but I tried all that. Contacted my dealer and said that there is probably something wrong but sounds like an easy fix. We'll see. Otherwise, should be bringing the IS up to Long Beach with me so keep your eyes open on the 110!
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