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I bought my '99 Integra GSR over the internet and the buying experience was awesome. It was sooo easy to buy the car and tell them what I wanted. There was absolutley no game playing because I said in the email that I was paying 21,000 instead of 22,100 and if they couldnt offer that I`ll look elsewhere. I then got a call and the offer was set to 20,000 so I got $1000 off!!!
Also, I would never buy a car over the internet unless I knew everything possible about the car. I spent many months researching the Integra and that was the car for me. The first time I saw my baby was the day it drove off the lot...
Its a great car..and so is the IS300. If you can get a good deal, the dealers will love you more since they really didnt do any work at all to sell the car..its easy money for them..
Good luck..

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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