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Somebody keyed my IS last week (grrrr!!!) a 6 inch long scratch on the rear panel. I took it in for an estimate and had them include a small scratch on one of my doors. The total came out to be $600. Well, my deductible is $500, so I've decided to wait another year to add in some hood paint chips or whatever else may pop up over time to make it worthwhile. In the mean time I got some touch up paint for the scratches, but I was wondering if anybody's got some first hand experience with the Langka stuff? ( I know that if I use the touch up alone it'll look like crap and probably look worse than the scratches themselves, but I don't want anything to rust. Whadya guys think?


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Ok, here is the spiel:

I bought Langka for about $20, and the delivery was very prompt. In case you were wondering if the sight is legit.

Now, how does it work? Exactly as they describe it. It removes the freshly (1-3 hours) paint. Unfortunately, not only does it remove the blob of paint sticking above the surface, but also the paint from the cavity! I’ve tried everything from waiting longer, to applying less Langka, to doing it in layers.

After repeating all three of the above methods multiple times, I have achieved somewhat satisfactory results. The chip I was filling now doesn’t stand out nearly as much (white chip on GGP!). However, if you look closer at the chip you can see that it lacks the finish shine of the rest of the car.

Honestly for $30 (Langka+Touch-up Paint) I am satisfied with the results. However, I don’t think I would try this on the key scratches… It just seems to me that the long non-shiny marks from the touch-up paint (even if flat even) would stand out more.

If there was a way to buff the clear coat in on those areas, I bet the results would have been astonishing.

Just my experience though.

Good Luck!


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I completely agree with Gennady. I have also used touch up paint and Langka with nearly the same results. I was also frustrated to find that the touch up paint does not work on either bumpers, as I have a decent size scratch on the top of my rear bumper and a number of chips in the front.

As to your situation, I would not recommend the touch up paint on long scratches as most likely the paint will not exactly match your color. Also as Gennady said the finished product looks much more dull than the rest of the finish.

However, if you're in a financial pinch and can't get your body panel repainted, then you can't really beat the $30 cost if you can live with not perfect results.

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Go here:

Yes it's a link.

Anyhow, what you need to do is either:

1) get the scratch buffed out (if it doesn't come out easily then it may be too deep);
2) get the panel repainted;
3) attempt a touch-up job;

Option #2 is the most expensive as you know. Option #1 has the least probability of working, but would yield the best, closest-to-factory result, and would be pretty cheap ($40 or so). However if you try option #1 and it DOESN'T work, you will have to live with a dull-ass body panel or have it repainted, your choice, always expensive. Option #3 is the cheapest and easiest, but yields the worst results. Here is a good place to get started on option #3:
(note that this article has information for scratches AND chips)

BEFORE you try anything, go to Autozone and buy some Meguiar's Scratch-X. Depending on the depth of your scratch, it WILL work or at least reduce it noticeably.

Good luck man. I feel your pain! I had a drunk bike rider run into my car the 2nd week I got it. Here is the damage (still haven't had it fixed):

(before scratch-x)

(after scratch-x)

[ September 06, 2001: Message edited by: webguyIS ]

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Webguy--Those are very interesting pictures,
and thank you.

I wouldn't be happy either, and I probably
would have driven over the guy's wheels
"accidentally," but the "after" pictures
are encouraging.

I would probably be able to live with the
polished version, at least without having
it fester too much.

I use Meguiar's products but I haven't noticed Scratch-X, but I'm going to pick up
a bottle as against the time when it does
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