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Anybody in Pittsburgh Area??

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Do you know what is the rate for the state tax? Anybody dealing with the local dealer? Please let me know what is your final price. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
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The state sales tax is 6% but the local dealer in Pittsburgh (Rorich Lexus Phone# 412-344-5800) is located in Allegheny County where the sales tax is 7% (6% state +1% county).

I visited the dealership 2 weeks ago and they had three IS 300's on hand. The salesman told me that they always keep one on hand for test drives. I did not go on a test drive but they seemed pretty eager to get me in one. Since I visited them two weeks ago, I have received numerous letters in the mail asking me to come a test drive the car.

I have yet to see the IS 300 on the road here in the Pittsburgh area. This is the only Lexus dealership within two hours. Unfortunately, the next closest dealership is in Cleveland.

If you need any other info, let me know.

Correction to my previous post. If you are not a Allegheny County resident then the sales tax is only 6% even though you are purchasing the vehicle in the 7% county.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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