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I'm trying to put the Altezza grill I have to take the bumper off?

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There are 5 screws that need to be removed.
There is the one metal center screw that holds the back of the grill. Unscrew it.

Next, there are 4 plastic screws. 2 on either side of the grill, attached to the bumper. Unscrew the screw until the center piece raises up. Then lift the whole screw up by the base. (Special screws by toyota)

Next, the bumper needs to be unclipped from the back. I believe there are 3 points where it is clipped in. Use a flashlight and you will see the clips on the bottom of the bumper.

Just slide those clips away from the grill, and push the grill towards the car and it should pop out.

Pretty simple. You would be able to figure it out without directions.

Hope this helps. I'm doing this from memory.
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