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Any musicians around?

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just wondering if there are any musicians around here. I am thinking about getting a synth/ keyboard so I can hook it up to the computer and make some cool tunes to play in the IS300
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I have a studio in my house, it's bad ass! I do Soul, Funk, R&B, pop, I love it and want to make it my career!

que la chingada!!
Korg Trinity, Roland TR-909, Boss DR-660, Akai S20, Lexicon digital effects, MOTU midi interface, Roland JV-1080, Calkwalk Pro Audio 9 (real men use cakewalk 1.0) Dell 800mhz.

...oh and Rebirth cracked.

Anyone make deep house or electro?
Umm I sing in the shower every morning.

But my dog howls and my wife screams and throws stuff at me when ever I do.

honestly...I took piano lessons way way back when I was in grammer school. I remember very little now. But what Filipino hasn't ever taken piano lessons?
I took piano when I was still in grammar school too, but I hated it so much because I was forced to.
yup I was forced too. even got spanked when I didn't practice!!!! guess that's why I don't remember much anymore.
it doesn't matter how long you've played an have to be good too...heheheh! i've played the drums for 9 years!

anyone here have perfect pitch??? <== those ppl have some mad skills! you're soo lucky if you do!

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I play synth, too. I'm hoping to get a Kurzweil K2600, but I might spend that $$$ on a supercharger for my car.
I just bought a Yamaha DJX keyboard today. Seems pretty cool and it cost me less money than I thought I would have spend.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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