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Any musicians around?

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just wondering if there are any musicians around here. I am thinking about getting a synth/ keyboard so I can hook it up to the computer and make some cool tunes to play in the IS300
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TONY!!!!! give me some advice! Which parts do I need to get started??? I 've never touched electronics music before. ( played some piano and just got an electric guitar last year)

what's the different between keyboard & synth?
MikeLS .. your link doesn't work.. I have an Ibanez RG series..
ok, can you hook a regular keyboard up to the computer?

what computer program would you recommend?
damn mike... that thing is nice. I bet it cost big $$$
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... er... is that your voice Tony?
I kind of like the effect in the end, sounds like radio head ok computer futuristic

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I took piano when I was still in grammar school too, but I hated it so much because I was forced to.
I just bought a Yamaha DJX keyboard today. Seems pretty cool and it cost me less money than I thought I would have spend.
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