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Any IS with 19's

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Was just wondering if anyone out there had 19's on there IS? How is the ride? Any Fender problems?


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I had 19" rims for a couple of weeks until I noticed that they didn't look very fly. Trust me, don't waste your money on 19's and go straight for 21's with ultra-low profile tires... you'll never go back. I think it's really what the designers had in mind for the IS (they look SO GOOD), but they just backed out at the last minute. Also, be sure to get a dual exhaust with tips that are at least 12" in diameter... they make the car DA BOMB BABY BOMB BABY! Don't forget lots of stickers.
haha. I almost believed that last post for a second. I think 18" are really going to be the largest size for this car. You just won't be able to get any decent stock-size-matching tires in 19".

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HaHA funny Nasty Nate, im the squirrel master
Go to the library and find the recent Road and Track (within the last year) or Car and Driver that did a test of 17, 18 and 19 inch wheels. Usually the 17 performed the best and sometimes the 18. The 19" never increased performance, especially considering the cost. I would go "plus one" at the most (18") or just get a 17" with another 1/2 inch of width.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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