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another thing about the is300

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...that's really cool: the drilled pedals and aluminum kickboards/footrest. nice touch. i sorta wish acura did that with the cl's interior. i was looking at the audi TT i really liked how they did the same thing.

cool touch
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Thank you. You know what I wish LEXUS did that the CL TYPE S has. The shift on the gear box instead of the wheel.

I liked the feel when test driving the cl type s, in the shift mode. It was fun.

Ya wanna here some funny bs. I asked the LEXUS sales guy why the arm rest was so low and could they not have re-tooled that before shipment. His response and I quote "Most people who are driving the IS300 have both hands on the wheel due to the sport and speed. HAAAAAAA, like I am sure the average shmo is driving twisties at 75 mph, and does not have time in his morning commute to have an arm rest.
Originally posted by cardinal_creek:
Here you go dude. It can be done.
Cardinal, have you done this?
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