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Plz don't flame hehe... I just wanted to share my experiences when I test drove a Intensa Blue Pearl 5-speed, yesterday evening.. First off, I went to the Vista Lexus located on Ventura Blvd; right around Warner Center and such... The dealer drove the IS' into the hills..(If your around this area, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) where theirs all sorts of dips, sharp blind turns, and steep uphills and downhills...

Anyway @ first while the dealer was driving the car into the assigned destination I guess.. I was just looking @ the dam stick!.. And I was thinking to myself..DAYAM , it looks kinda long!!... I bet it's gonna feel all sluggish w/ long throws.. Jeez' was I wrong. Finally when It was my turn to drive.. I jumped in and immediatley felt all cramped up!!... (I'm 6'2") I asked the dealer omg..How tall are you?? He replied " I'm 5'9" " .. So I'm like oh no wonder!!..

I start playing w/ the adjustable power seat to my level.. After about a minute. I was ready to go feeling very comfortable and w/ still ample leg room
.. Now regarding my assumptions about the "long" shifter... I was totally wrong.. The stick felt perfect. All my worries about the sluggish long throws slowly but surely vanished w/ each shift I made 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and then 4th... **PPPPFFFFTT** Gone... I was totally amazed by how the shifter felt.. It was precise, solid and very smooth.. It definitly was like night and day compared to my last test drive w/ the 01' AT.. Anyways, then when I started hitting the dips, I had to break pretty early, and not look like an ass driving breaking all hard w/ the dealer in the car..

So I could'nt really floor it around the area we were in @ the time. But the turns I was taking through the hills were pretty tight.. I was surprised on how smooth, and well the IS' took those turns. Considering it was on STOCK suspension. (so they say they've upped the stiffness of the springs for the 02') After we were through the boonies, we finally hit Ventura Blvd. again and I knew what that meant.. ** Test drive almost over
** So then we made the turn onto Ventura Blvd., hit a Red light.

Then I'm thinking in my head ** Dayam I gotta try turning her loose! ** All of a sudden light goes green, and @ first in my head I'm like ahh.. the dealer might not like the idea of it.. so I'm going off easy in the beginning of 1st.. Then I say to myself FACK IT,
(Thinking about what Fishiest posted!!)
. In mid 1st I floored it, and omfg this car can GOOOOO.. and you can feel it too, its not harsh like the nice torque feel you get, when you power shift in a 5-speed Integra LS through it's 1st and 2nd gear, the IS' is much better... Smooth, Strong - Power.. Then I slam it in 2nd!.. eerChiRP!!.. LOL.. A nice chirp with 3 adults in the car (Me, My older bro. and the dealer) .. Then I glanced @ the dealer real quick to see if he would dissaprove of my actions hahaha... But not an expression came from him..

Then we hit another red light. And this time I tryed to chirp it even harder hahahaha .. after I did it, the dealer starts laffin' to him self... I'm like "hehe" .. Then I see the dealership ahead about 2 blocks, and hit the last light before the lot.. And then all of a sudden, I'll be dayamed.. In the rear view mirror I see a silverish object come flying behind me and closing hella fast.. And slows down hard (doh' cause its a red light). Then right when it turns green, I hear the car downshift and (It was an Audi A4 with a bodykit and I guess w/ other A4'ish aftermarket parts) speed up fast to make his right turn and I guess he wanted to be recognized..
.. Then I drive normally and turn into the dealer lot. Park the IS' and play w/
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