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but i want a auto is300 i do have cash as well
price 6500 obo

1995 Nissn 240 SX SE white fully rebuilt motor with 15k, recently replaced automatic transmission with a manual 5 speed, have been unable to find a
manual gear sensor so the odometer is reading at about 2 x the miles, not to mention the speedometer is also showing twice the actual speed. Odometer says 210000. Transmission replaced at 194000 actual miles is around 200000. Motor was rebuilt at approximately 185000. i was going to turbo the car but decided i like the is300 alot more so i decided to sell o

I have added the following items to the car:
stage 2 crowler cams,
five speed light weight flywheel
exedy stage 1 clutch
1 piece driveshaft,
Extra set of se wheels with tires and 300zx rims with tires
aluminum radiator,
dual electric fans,
intake exhaust,
aftermarket radio with 2 alpine speakers in the front in 2 kicker speakers in the back.. has cross drilled slotted bremo rotors with pads with a little over half life left,
I have only used synthetic oil in it,
I was getting 27 mpg with auto, but have not been able to calculate with the 5 speed,
New ignintion
New premium plugs and wires
All power locks, and windows, sunroof
Air conditioning works great
225 fuel pump fuel filter,
blits R-FIT

Rear and front bumper has some scratches on it (ask for pictures)
Some normal dings in body around doors (people don’t care how hard they bumped into your car)
Radio trim has a crack in

Passenger door does not unlock with a key have to unlock from the power unlock
Needs remote for a keyless entry
Trunk does not unlock either except from latch inside the car
Small crack on windshield

Interior is clean and in good shape
Body looks great

Why I am selling?
Need 4 seater with 4 doors
feel free to email me at [email protected]
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