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another kick in the head

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scraped my front right rim today... grrrrrrrrrrr..
but its minor compare to the rear right.. I think I will try to get it fixed during the summer
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Ow. That hurts. I got two rock chips on my car and there small, but its just that I know that they are there
What the hell are you up to Chrome? Are you ripping into parking lots or are these parallel parking issues?

When did you last have your eyes checked?
correct me if im wrong agent, but didnt you curb yours too while lookin at some pun tang? haha.

No tang...chunked it ONCE....haven't had an issue since....not that much tang around lately.
Already have had a rock crack my window

2001 IS300 Graphite Grey Pearl
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I feel for you, and everyone else who has had bad luck so far w/ their IS.
agent, I was trying to do the blue brother's parking stunt.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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