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First of all I'm not posting this to annoy anyone but we got the biggest laugh out of it (okay, we were really tired). We were on our way back from the F1 race at Indy last night in my brother-in-laws wife's automatic Taurus SHO (bone stock) and had been driving in the pouring rain for seven hours then one hour in the dry. I was caught behind an Acura RL doing aobut 60 in a 65 zone and there was some idiot in a GS300 (with 20 day tags) riding, and I do man RIDING MY CAN and weaving all over like I had anywhere to go to get out of his way so he could do the same thing to the Acura.

We moved over as soon as we had the chance and left the car in overdrive because I had no intention of engaging the idiot. He acted so jerky to the Acura when he finally got an opening to go around he laid into it so, although trying not to bite, I did too.

He was about 35 feet in front of us when he hammered the gas and then I did, about 4-5 seconds later I almost ran over him. I had no idea that 1) the GS300 was so pokey or 2) the 1995 SHO with 71,000 miles on it, Automatic, in overdrive and currently for sale for $9000 was so much faster than the 30 something thousand dollar GS300?

We really upset the guy and his new purchase and he took the next exit with a sour look on his face. We pointed and laughed as much as possible so maybe next time he will act like he has a little class on the road. I guess it's a good thing we didn't drive the 1991 M5.

I know there are all kinds that drive every type of car so, it wasn't the name brand of the car that made him look foolish. It was his attitude. It was truly comical.

BTW: The race was amazing. As enthusiasts, I wish you all could have been there.

Charlotte, NC
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The SHO is no slouch. I remember reading that when it first came out it was stronger in some midrange areas than the Mustang GT (i.e. 40 mph to 60 or 80) Too bad that engine didn't make them enough money.
Fa sho

I really don't like Fords, but I do respect the SHO. Great story.
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Originally posted by Yurinaut:
We were on our way back from the F1 race at Indy last night in my brother-in-laws wife's automatic Taurus SHO
"brother-in-law's wife"...doesn't that mean your sister?
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No, that would be his wife's brother's wife.
those SHOs aren't half bad. you can make 'em scream with just a couple nicely installed mods. exhaust, intake, chip, etc...

of course, it's still a ford.

IS 300 ???
Not yet, but maybe soon....

1995 Ford Contour Zetec GL -- Modded
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Remember guys......Maybe it's Ford on the outside, but it's a bad-ass Japanese engine on the inside (Yamaha). Doesn't that engine put out something like 220 horses or around that vicinity?????

Maybe the GS300 could've done better when broken in more, but IMO the SHO will beat it for sure still.....

BUT.....the GS300 is much more refined than the SHO.....
Yamaha does build very good engine. I believe majority of Toyota's high performance engine is now developed by Yamaha, including the one in the RS200. Does anyone know if the engine in the IS300 and its turbocharged counterpart were developed and build by Yamaha?
If Toyota had let Yamha build their Champ Car engines, I wonder what would have happened?
The car belongs to my wife's sister's
husband(my brother-in-law).

Yes, that Yamaha engine pumps out about 220 ponies. It sounds wonderful but, I'm sure the GS300 is much more refined over all. The Yamaha engines were quick but suffered reliability problems. He hasn't had much trouble with his but, as a general rule, they didn't have a stellar reputation. I'll be honest and say that I would take an engine like that with a few quirks than a slower engine that never broke. I just like the sound, the power and it's ease of tweaking. I don't mind a bit of maintenance once in a while. It helps me understand the machinery but, neither of us are big Ford fans outside that particular SHO and the Contour SVT.

We both truly prefer the big bore 24 valve straight sixes in the M5's. Now that is silky but raw (I know that sounds strange but it's true) power. I bought a 70k mile 88' M5 in stellar condition for $15k about two years ago. It had a chip and exhaust cam gear and dyno'd at 296 horses (at Midwest Motorsports in Chicago). What an animal for such a small amount of money. It was also incredibly appointed in leather (dash, door panels, center tunnel area, lower dash area including glove box...etc - all connely leather). Of course when you hammered the accelerator you had no time to think about luxery, you had to hold on!

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