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Last night while driving home I hit a deep pothole going about 50mph. When I got home I checked the tire and rim (I have the 17's with the Potenzas)and sure enough there was a bubble on the sidewall and the rim was slightly bent. I flipped. I called my dealer and they told me to bring the car in today.
Well, I drove there this morning and they were great. i told them I did not know how it happened. They put a new rim and tire on, and because I only have 2400 miles on the car, they did not charge me a penny!!! The service manager said he will take it up with Lexus. They just swapped the rim and tire off of an in-stock vehicle. I am totally psyched as this gesture saved me about $500.
Just amazing!!
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congrates, where are you loacated?

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Very good service...
This is how it should always be...

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dude!! that happened to me last night. I hit a huge pothole on the La Cienega off-ramp of the 405 North. Sure enought, big bubble on the sidewall.
I put that wheel in the trunk. The rim seems fine though. I'm gonna just take it into Lexus and see what they can do for me.
Last thing I want is to pay 300 for a new tire!
Originally posted by sambusik:
Last thing I want is to pay 300 for a new tire!
$300? I paid $125 for a new Goodyear GS-D mounted and balanced and including tax AND they moved all my wheels around as per my instructions...

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I wonder if they will do that for me. I just went to get my car washed at the Shell--and you know how they have those wheel guides to get you into the track...(yea, yea, I know better)...well it chipped the side of my graphites !! $hit ! Ya think the dealer will gimme a new one??

I'm soooo depressed. I just got my SBM like a week ago.
Wow! What dealership did you get your lexus from again? I wonder if I can get service from that one, even though I purchased from a different one....

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I have another great story. On new years eve weekend , Iwent to pick up a couple of things at my local Supermarket before the snow storm hit the city. When I came out of the market, I notice a donut shape scratch on the left side of my rear bumper. I thought it was dirt, but on lose inpection, the SOB that was parked next to me scratched the paint of from the composite material of the bumper.You guys have an idea how i felt. I called my dealer, and schedule an appoinment expecting that Iwas going to be charged.After four days and RX300 as a loaner, they took care of it and did not charged me at all. I tell you, this people are very cool. The dealer is Prestige Lexus of Ramsey. Ironically, they also have a BMW and Mercedes dealer within the area.

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Man, those dealers really know how to do business. That is the way to make royal customers. Great service, and the customers will defiantely come back for another car when it's time to get rid of their current car. That is the way to succeed in dealership business. At least I think so.

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where did you get your goodyear gs-d from. The dealership quoted me $300. Of course that's very overpriced and I would never buy from there.
I just haven't done my research to find out how much they actually cost. Nice to know they're cheap sh*t tires

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