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Originally posted by comptechcls:

So I mentioned a while ago I was considering this car for my fiancee. Why do you gotta take shots man? I like the car, not for me but It is a nice car.... Now people like you dissing MY car just makes YOU look bad.
Are you still angry with me? Most of us don't mind constructive criticism of the IS...they could have done some things different...I really don't care - I love it. Just washed & waxed it this morning damn thing looks incredible.

I think we just ask that people show a little respect when posting here...flame trolling is pretty lame and we as owners have no choice but to counter the claims... would you ignore some one pissing on your leg? No, so why should we as a collective group allow people to come in here and talk $hit and go unchallenged? The next post would go something like" IS Owners are too afraid to defend their cars" All in all we primiarily hate yet tolerate Geoff because he lives in MI and eats Oatmeal, we also hate Doug because he has way too many cars and b1tches....but they are insightful guys with some pretty good knowledge on the automotive world....the true trolls just plain suck and remind me of HS punks that should be beat up and taped to a poll upside know who you are.

I bet if you buy your girlie the IS you'll get some definate vigourous "appreciation" at home...start saving.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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