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Altezza VHS- 45 min long, shows install of full exhaust and circuit racing of tuned altezza's. All in Japanese $25 plus media mail shipping

6 #1 cyl spark plug wires (the longest one). I thought I was getting a set but just got 1 wire 6 times. Good for stand alones or if you wanna buy the other 5. I not sure what they go for from toyota but I'll start them at $10 each if toyota/ lexus has them cheaper I'll adjust the price.

All items are OBO

Add 3% if paying with paypal. Most items shouldn't cost me much to ship since they are small and light, but if shipping gets expensive (out of country, over seas, or you want insurance and all the add ons then you'll pay or I'll split it somehow).

I will honor local buyers first then dibs.
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