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Altezza/IS300 Model Cars From HK, Includes The New Blue Colo

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I have purchased the two cars below and was extremely satisfied with the whole transaction. Fast email responses, friendly service, fast shipping (6days from HK to Miami), and well packaged. You can also make payment via Credit Cards.

I also have a yellow one that I got in Tokyo, the models are nice, and include variations I don't think you can find many places.

Tell him jiggafett sent you, maybe he'll hook you up, I don't really know. he gave me a small discount.

Here are some others including the NEW DEEP BLUE!!!

His name is Steve, and he can give you whatever detailed info you need.

Web Site Here

For the Altezza's click on M4

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Sorry for the link not working try this if this does not work I can't tell you what's wrong Try This Link

Yes, they come put together.

Yes, they are perfect for that center dash space!
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Originally posted by cdm2:
Yo guys:

Are these model die cast 24:1 ??? I am looking for a silver is200/300. Anyone knows where I can get one. I checked the site and they are out of the silver altezza, too. ARe these model metal die cast??? Are they 18:1 or 24:1 ???

1:18 I think, I'm not looking at them right now, I'm at work (night shift). I'll let ya know check back here in about a day.
Originally posted by cdm2:
Thanks guys. But can I get a silver is300/200 metal die-cast for 18:1 OR 24:1 ???? Thanks.
1:18 but to be honest I don't beleive they are metal. Sounds weird right? My yellow one had to be retired because of a little bounce coming out of a drive through parking lot. When I looked at my cracked model it seemed to me to be ceramic. Go figure.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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