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hey buddy. welcome. we know you're new and all, but this is no exaggeration: there is a thread EXACTLY like yours at LEASTTTTTTTT once a day.

towards the top, if you click on "forum", and then find the "Go Faster Section". click on it and you'll find a bunch of stickies at the top of the list of threads (stickies are threads that ALWAYS stay at the top of the thread list because they have amazing information. they say "Parked" in front of them and will always be there for you to reference, not like the regular threads that get bumped down over time when new threads get created or posted on)

2 benefits:
1) you'll be more knowledgeable just from reading a little bit about the topic
2) people here will be more inclined to help you knowing you put even a LITTLE bit of effort into helping yourself, thus you'll probably learn even MORE

and by the way, the guy who posted about an ebay kit, he was kidding. the guy who posted about SRT's 2.75 turbo kit, he was serious (SRT is a company out in maryland that specializes in IS300 performance). they're so great that not only do i have their kit installed on my car making over 400whp on pump gas and NO upgrades to their base kit, but i also TOOK MY CAR from miami to their shop in maryland so they could do the install themselves.

some people on this forum will vouch for their kit (like me), others have had good experiences with PFS, others with BoostLogic i think it is. look those three kits up, compare their differences, then come back with some more insightful comments or questions and you'll enjoy this forum a lot more, and you'll learn a lot more along the way.
i promise..
end thread

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I have been debating taking the plunge and boosting my 02 manual IS. I am looking at the SRT 2.75 kit.

Here is my concern:

1. Will I lose all my gauges? Fuel etc? No, if you keep the MAS

2. Will I always have. CEL on? No, there are a few people on here that are boosted and don't have CEL

3. Can I push 330 at the wheels on the stock tranny? yes on auto, 50/50 on 5 speed

4. Finally cost is it best to have SRT do the install and if so what should I expect to pay out the door?

Any feeback greatly appreciated!
There you go.

Prices may have changed. Call them for more info.

(end thread)
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