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Almost lost it in a TURN today.. close call

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Today during lunch break at work I am following someone to lunch and playing catch up. On the road that my office is on there is an S like curve, on the 2nd curve( with trac off) I downshifted my IS into 3rd doing about 50 MPH to get more speed and next thing I know the back end comes sliding around, luckly I was able to steer out of it before completly loosing it. Scared my passanger and friend that I was catching up to half to death. Glad I know somewhat how to drive otherwise I would have hit a high curb and who knows what would have happend to my IS...... Point of story, be carefull with the TRAC off

2001 IS300 Graphite Grey Pearl
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i took a sharp left today(90%) at like rear end kind of swung out but the tires felt like they were hopping off the road. the rear dind't totally swing out, but almost did...oh well
i was in a rush so yeah, bit of carelessness on my part
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