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Almost lost it in a TURN today.. close call

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Today during lunch break at work I am following someone to lunch and playing catch up. On the road that my office is on there is an S like curve, on the 2nd curve( with trac off) I downshifted my IS into 3rd doing about 50 MPH to get more speed and next thing I know the back end comes sliding around, luckly I was able to steer out of it before completly loosing it. Scared my passanger and friend that I was catching up to half to death. Glad I know somewhat how to drive otherwise I would have hit a high curb and who knows what would have happend to my IS...... Point of story, be carefull with the TRAC off

2001 IS300 Graphite Grey Pearl
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Just remember not just the TRAC, but your limited slip has actually contributed to the fish-tailing.......

LSD is fine, but you have to be careful.....It has pros and cons.

You just had one of the biggest cons in having LSD.....
Then just drive real carefully.......It does have quite a bit of power behind the wheels......
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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