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For those that have installed shortshifters, where did you get buy the aftermarket shift boot that has "less leather". The stock shift boot has way too much leather and looks horrid with the shortshifter.

Anyone know will the Momo shift boot work fine?


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i have the momo performance boot connected to the race air leather knob. still quite a bit of boot left, but better than stock because it connects to the knob. A lot of the boot is folded up underneath where the plastic trim piece is holding it in. i got the trim part in as FAR as it would go. now that its been there a while, it might be stretched out so i can get it in even farther...


they kinda look goofy because the car's in first instead of neutral. need to redo em... and trim down the nut at the top of the boot that connects to the knob too, its WAY too wide...

from my page:
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