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hey guys.. just wanted to share.. well, i haven't done any new mods recently.. still have the SRT HFI/HKS Hiper/Tein Ha setup in my car.. and i recently got the ecu reflash and the trac ecu put in.. i immediately noticed better acceleration.. mainly in responsiveness.. so i decided to test it against cars i have raced before...

the 95 GSR that has up till this point, always pulled on me in 2nd and 3rd.. can no longer do so.. before the update, i would pull on him off the line, and he would pull even after 2nd, and start to pull away in 3rd, and late in 4th, i would catch up and pull away into 5th.. now.. i pull off the line about a carlength..and i maintain the carlength... he doesn't pull on me anymore.. (side note: we think that there is a possibility that our cars are so evenly matched that even one person in either car, or more gas in one or the other, can make a difference between our races).... but then again.. this theory was put aside after i raced my friends subaru 2.5rs.. this car is lowered with coilovers, has an intake, s-afc, and something else.. regardless, this car has always taken me off the line for at least 60 feet.. and usually is about a carlength ahead of me right off the bat.. well, we raced ... after 1st, i was 1/2 a carlength ahead.. and just contined to pull away after that.. nobody could believe this, not even the driver of the subaru.. he did slip a little off the start..but told me that he still had a good start..

i also raced a friends s-10 SS.. if thats what they are called.. i take this car pretty easily, off the line, in the high end.. everywhich way.. it has some mods.. but im not too sure what they are... although i do know he has gotten a 14.9 at lebanon valley when it was bone stock... and he thinks he should run about a 14.7 now..

the integra i was racing says he's running between a 14.5-14.7

where does this put me?? these guys are telling me that i should be running around a 14.4-14.5 or even better..i think even better is pushing it.. but comparing my car to theirs..and their timeslips.. i think i am very capable of a 14.5... now weren't these 330's tested at about that range?? so is it that hard for you trolls to believe that i could take a 330 now??? long as weather permits.. im going to the drags on wednesday.. last wednesday it got rained out so i wasn't able to go... dont worry..just a few more days..and i'll have real timeslips for more guesstimating....

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