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Affordable twin turbo kit--385 at the wheels!

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A new company, its name will not be mentioned right now, has installed the final version of a soon to be released twin turbo kit in my car. The kit which consists of mostly apex'i parts will be out available to the public in Late DECEMBER!!!

Apex'i Exhaust
Apex'i Turbo's
Toyomoto intercooler
there are more specs that I'll tell you about later.
--Should I post the dyno results??? Gotta get a scanner...

Estimated HP -- 385 at the wheels.

Cost -- $5.5k includes installation

So now saying this... Are you guys ready to whoop on some Acura, BMW, etc... a$$?

2001 Pearl White IS3
Fully loaded, show room car
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385 at the wheels !!? Wow. Can the transmission handle that ?

not to mention the driveshaft and rear-end. Are they upgrading the driveshaft and u-joints? How bout the differential in the back? I've seen moded mazda turbo rx's blow rear ends like nObOdy'S biz. you know what's interesting...APEXi is my friend's, friends company. Ask for Toshi...that's the CEO and owner if your quering for parts from APEXi. And check out his crazzzy 94' RX7 turbo....its really show quality. Geez, just the custom (but beautiful!) rollbar in the back cost like $1700. I ran against it on Angeles Crest Highway.....very nice car.
definetely scan that in... AWESOME..
As far as I've heard, Apex hasn't even tried fitting an Apex exhaust on the IS yet.. unless its a custom job with a universal muffler.. I heard they're testing it first on TurboIS's car..

RotaryBzzz, Tosh doesnt have the 94' RX7 anymore.. he sold it about a year and a half ago so he could buy his 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec..
Apex-i turbo's? What are you talking about? If its a twin turbo setup, on a 2jz-gte, most likely it'll be a pair of Garrett TO4's. To my knowledge Apexi doesn't make Turbos...

385 to the wheels aint bad. Finish up all your BPU's as soon as you can. Also you may want to invest in a DEFI, and perhaps a tranny temp gauge.

3.2 TL
Is this Kit OUT? and who do you contact to get it? really 5,500 for a twin turbo kit? please let me know I will buy ONE TOMORROW!
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This board is funny. There are two things that get all you guys hot and bothered.

1. any female member (usually new member) to the board.

2. any mention of forced induction for the IS.

It's so predictable what stirs up when these two things happen.
Originally posted by IS300 TTp:
Should I post the dyno results??? Gotta get a scanner...
Estimated HP -- 385 at the wheels.
You should always post dyno results, preferably with a baseline of the same car on the same dyno.

If you have dyno charts, why do you say estimated hp?

$5500 sounds awfully cheap (not that I'm complaining) for a twin turbo setup!
Originally posted by TEG:
C.A.R.B. Legal???
Hahahahaha... Took some of the Miata kits two years to get CARB Certified...
Originally posted by HIBBoyScott:
this post is so farking got resurected...
Heh, that's funny. I didn't even look at the dates.
sorry bout resurecting the dead but I was curious as too see if there was further info on this kit.... I am DYING for some more HP on my IS
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hey risk...... if u think that the forum members get worked up from that.... wait til sumone talks about force induction with a female member..... that'll rock the boat.....hehe

HAHAHAH good point ICE.... geesus we would all have to take a step away from our monitors for a sec..
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not me.... i'd probably run back like 10 yards in dismay if someone posts pictures of this feat...... that would be... i have no other way to explain but..... thatz like WHOA..... n hmm...... wwwwaaaaaaaassssssaaaaaaaaaapppppppp!!!!!!!

juz my 2 pesos...

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NO DOUBT.. a hottie with some forced induction under the hood.. whoa that sounds like sexual.. whoops....
LOL, hottie with forced induction sounds ILLEGAL!

Originally posted by fairuza11:
NO DOUBT.. a hottie with some forced induction under the hood.. whoa that sounds like sexual.. whoops....
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2 sure it'll undergo enuff mods to pass CARB testing before she is released ........ hehe

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