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Accidents are just waiting to happen in this car....!

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I just got my car back from the dealer who hit me for $1800 worth of damage to two Lex Chrome Wheels and tires. (Insurance Covered) Damn trucker looking down at my car and having his 18 wheeler drift over and run me off the road!!! This must be the only drawback to the IS. It is so eye catching, people forget about what they are doing and just stare, even for a split second. The rear-ended case posted doesnt surprise me either... people must be staring at the tail lights or something and lose their senses. I dont know.. but beware of rubberneckers... it is kinda tough here in NYC.
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I find that I am continually using the aft thrusters to distance myself from other cars on the freeway to avoid lookers. I still haven't come up with a good response to gawkers. Thumbs up seems to corny - a cheshire cat smile too bmw. I'm working on boxster indifference.

4200 miles and still fun.
I've got the same problem... people just start lurking into your lane, I guess trying to get a better look... heh... then I just hit the turbo boost and maneuver into safer strips of highway.

2800 miles and just nodding to all those that admire.


IS300 (white)
loaded w/o LSD
I was about to say, since when has anyone on this board, or any American IS300 (privately owned) been introduced to the world of Forced Induction?

3.2 TL
sounds like he thinks his car is reaaaal fast....turbo boost. hum....
things that make you go...........hmmmmmmmm..
maybe he got the twin turbo option. i saw it on a dealer here in the bay area. really nice. i believe that the turbos were of HKS brand. looked really clean in the engine compartment. the intercooler fit nice too, filled the honeycomb grill in the front bumper nicely. if any of you are in the bay check out...... *blink, blink, yawn*... sorry, i just woke up from my dream....
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