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Originally posted by IsNYC:
BEWARE!!! order from this website at your own risk. Not that they did ripped me off or anything, but they've got horrible customer service. I tried to order a keychain from them once. The site took my card # and gave me a confirm #. So I wait like a week and no response. No e-mail to confirm or anything. So e-mail them 3 times asking about my order and they don't respond. I call them on the phone and the guy in charge is never in. They finally e-mail me this cheasy letter that says that the keychain is "obsolete". That's exactly what he wrote to me over 2 weeks later. So what the fock did they take my card # for? I hate them.
This place did the same thing to me. I ordered the IS300 keychain and I never got a confirmation e-mail. I call them two weeks later and they tell me that the keychain is discontinued. Their customer service sucks, the funny thing is that they won't take the keychain off their site.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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